Meet the Design House Designers – Victor Shargai & Associates, Inc.

The Dining Room was designed by Victor Shargai, Blair Riggs & Rahman Seraj of Victor Shargai & Associates, Inc.

“The room in which he sat had the same lack of conformity to any period or scheme. It was a personal room, quite evidently a part of someone’s home, a place of strange curios, but comfortable chairs.

—Death of a Ghost, Margery Allingham, 1934

The English mystery writers of the first half of the twentieth century were fond of including descriptions of livable spaces, recognizing how essential the environment is to the action in which the story takes place. Victor Shargai and Associates takes the same approach in their work. It’s our clients’ lives and characters (yes, they are often “characters”) that are the focus of our design aesthetic. Comfort and style are always a given, but of more significance is the personality of the space. We invest time in getting to know each of our clients individually and learn what will enhance their lives. We love to remain flexible and to learn from our clients, as well as have our clients stretch and see our perspectives. Our design evolves to produce an organic result, and not one that looks as if it was “done.” We have only one rule and that is that there are NO rules – excepting, of course, that artificial flowers are never used.

So, as always, our client is our inspiration, and this room was inspired by the vivacious yet sensitive Margery Allingham, whose novels over the years have

given me much pleasure.

“It is a room with an air, a room used to soothing and entertaining people of widely different types and standards, a diplomat among rooms, gracious and superior, capable of stimulating as well as subduing.”

—Traitor’s Purse, Margery Allingham, 1941

To watch Victor Shargai & Associates, Inc share more of their design inspiration, click here!

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