Meet the Design House Designers – Rita St. Clair Associates, Inc.

The Family Room was designed by Rita St. Clair of Rita St. Clair Associates, Inc.

Designers are often called on to create aesthetically pleasing spaces in addition to creating order from chaos. The family room is often the designated space for such a design process. This space is what I imagined would be the result of my designing a family room for a client who is sophisticated and world traveled; and yet relaxed enough to buy and live in his or her own style. My team and I gathered the eclectic contents of this space to form what we considered an intimate and personal room for this “fantasy client”. By premeditating the chaos that will inevitably ensue for any family or active adult, this multi-functional space appears to be loose but in actuality is an effective design for its purpose. As a designer it is important to find each client’s personal style, often disregarding trends. Finding furnishings to achieve this style no longer requires searching in faraway and exotic places. As this room illustrates, an eclectic selection of furnishings and art can produce the look you may want without the use of a “flying carpet.”

To watch Rita St. Clair Associates, Inc. share more of their design inspiration, click here!

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