Meet the Design House Designers – Michael Roberson Interior Design

The Garden Room was designed by Michael Roberson, ASID of  Michael Roberson Interior  Design.

It was an interesting premise. How do you create a “garden room”on the 5th floor of a city building with no gardens in sight?

The answer, of course, was with imagination! To design a calm, welcoming retreat and infuse it with fantasy.

First, the garden room was furnished with a mix of comfortable seating. Some outdoor, some indoor, each piece upholstered in the same white fabric. Accents of brown in the pillows and brown wood furniture enliven the room. Among those accents is an antique Palladian style aviary wired to light a corner, not to cage a bird. A beautiful table illuminated by a hanging lantern, a chaise lounge for reading or a nap and a table top bar make this a very livable space.

And then, to introduce the fantasy, they installed artificial turf for a lush green carpet. Ms. Roberson also hung photographic images from her garden to create a garden on the wall. Behind the bay window seat a planter box brings a bit of real garden to our fifth floor aerie with walls the color of reflected sunlight. Here, we can imagine that we are in a garden.

To watch Michael Roberson Interior Design share more of their design inspiration,click here!

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