Meet the Design House Designers – JDS Designs, Inc.

The Living Room was designed by David A. Herchik and Richard J. Looman of JDS Designs, Inc.

JDS’ concept for the Living Room was a collaboration between modern and retro. Inspired by the Bohemian batik feel of the plum and gold Rubelli fabric, they let it guide the tone for the room setting. JDS envisioned this relaxed , contemporary room in a loft setting or open space apartment. They played on different textures from the Stark rug that feels like fur to the braided hemp wallcovering from Maya Romanoff to the polished plaster wall behind the fireplace. Perfect for city-living, the space is multi-use. Combine the two spaces for a sophisticated cocktail party. Utilize the study for a casual dinner, work space or game table. Close the drapes to create a more intimate and tranquil space.

To watch JDS Designs, Inc. share more of their room inspiration, click here!

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