Meet the Design House Designers – Adamstein & Demetriou, Inc.

The Master Bedroom was designed by Olvia Demetriou Adamstein, Melinda Nettelbeck & team, of Adamstein & Demetriou, Inc.

Believing the bedroom to be a sanctuary for rest and relaxation, Production Manager Chad Webre, Director of Interior Design Melinda Nettelbeck,and Designer Natalie Park created a sleek and urbane retreat that is both calming and seductive. Working with the challenging scale of a large room, A&D’s goal was to provide multiple zones of intimacy. Spatial harmony is created by focusing on the delicate balance of shadow and light, texture and sheen, and solid and void. Clean lines, dark walls, and luminous planes come together to create an inviting atmosphere. It was decided that a dark rich palette punctuated by glowing surfaces would help to create the focal points necessary to provide balance within the space. Deep niches were formed to help identify zones for sleeping and bathing as well as to create a warm ambient glow within the dramatic scheme. Shimmering wall-covering and luxurious Arabascato marble were selected to provide contrast while bringing a light and sensual element to the design.

Centered within the largest niche, the low modern bed grounds the space and defines the sleeping area. To the left of the bed, the master bathroom showcases light-washed walls of marble and glass, a playful freestanding tub, and a floating vanity. A comfortable seating area addresses the television wall, creating a zone for relaxation. Centered on the window, chaise offers a space for reading and lounging. The natural daylight is filtered by a delicate open sheer and framed by lush velvet drapes. The room is grounded by a large silk and wool rug, which has been layered over Eco-friendly walnut flooring. From the rich materials to the clean lines of the furniture, each element of the bedroom was carefully selected for its character, helping to enhance the design’s subtle choreography of scale.

To watch Adamstein & Demetriou, Inc. share more of their design inspiration, click here!

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